Damion Mikol Wagner
And The Dusk


With a signature formula of a few grains of sweet Folk Balladeer with a full shot of rye Rock & Roll with a peel of Punk rebellion for an extra bite of flavor, and barely a hint of bitters, this is good old fashioned California music for the people!

In the end a songwriter’s songwriter, a musician’s musician. This is music that is straight from the heart. Whether an anxious rhythm of love, the sorrowful tenderness that yearns for meaning, or the rebel fire that beats within us all. These are songs that boldly appeal to a wide audience of music lovers that believe in what genuinely matters. One thing is for certain, you will be engaged with a narration of experiences that seem as though it is a familiar story, as if you were right there to witness these tales for yourself. Inviting rhythmic & melodic sound, blended with insightful imagery through music and words that speak directly to the heart, to the soul.

With new singles being released regularly online and available now at Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and darn near all the other streaming services, Damion Mikol Wagner is creating music that will make you dance and perhaps, a little something to think about. Music that will move you through these powerful days with a memorable, timeless style and sound that you will be singing from memory throughout your day and days to come.

Known to be a regularly featured artist at more than a few Los Angeles venues, performing regularly throughout Southern California and also touring far and wide throughout the year, seize the opportunity to hear Damion Mikol Wagner music live, you will be glad you did. Online support at Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook is very much appreciated by sharing your pictures using @damionmikolwagner on your favorite social networks.

Be sure to say hi, there is nothing I like more than hearing from people that enjoy my music!