Song Descriptions

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Building Fires

A flame, a metaphor for courage and strength. Demanding fear and respect, yet warmth and solace. A primary component to the human experience. I see your fire. I believe in you. The fire within will become an inferno when we strike together.

I Bought The Last Record Ever Made

Come on by and listen to the very last record ever made. We can dance and sing and I’ll flip it over before the last song. 

The Ballad of Jane Doe and Joe Blow

This is the first chapter in a saga of two unlikely heroes that fearlessly transcend time and space. 

Good Ol Tried and True

As we grow and attempt new notions and ideas we often come to back to the dependable success we know so well.

Shaving with Occam’s Razor

Complex answers are often a wasted exercise as the solution is often the simplest, most obvious answer.


Maybe there’s a heaven, a place to rest. Maybe theres a point to this, maybe I should care a little less. 

Wherever You Go I Go

Working together is how we succeed regardless of faults. We all need a good friend. 

Keep Me In an Easy Place to Find 

When the zombies attack remember where I am and I will be there for you.

Who Needs Electricity

Playing music with my friends is one of the greatest honors of any day.

When It All Starts to Go Our Way

The optimism for tomorrow is what keeps us strong today.

It’s Unconditional

The bond between me and my dog, we’ve agreed, is  unbreakable, unconditional.

I’m Dancing Barefoot

This classic song by Patti Smith speaks to the passion and concessions of falling in love. 

Real Good Times With Some Real Bad People

As a volunteer in an urban community I meet lots of people that might not be accepted in certain company. The story begins with me recognizing that I need my mom, both physically and spiritually. I graciously request a greater helping of the fruit of life from the superior. The whole while explaining that she might not like the company I keep. The story then changes to empathy for this company and asks for forgiveness from the mother superior. 

Peppermint Tea

A song about lust, passion, death. She played hard to get, yet something to have. He worked to win her heart with all he could give. She knew better and still fell unwittingly for his charm, and her demise.