Maybe (Acoustic)


Maybe (Acoustic)

In a variety of possibilities it is best to be aware of all circumstances.

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Lyrics and Notes


From the Album
Shuffles Gallops and Love Songs
by Damion Mikol Wagner


138 BPM





C A# A G


Maybe there’s a heaven
A place to rest
Maybe there’s a point to this
Maybe I should care less

Maybe you know my feelings
And then again you don’t
Well don’t take it too hard
Cause most don’t

Maybe there’s something
That no one’s ever tried
Maybe I’ll keep on searching
For the rest of my life

Maybe there’s some way
Could have made a difference
Maybe there’s something
I should be doing different


Well maybe I could get to you
Maybe we could have a drink or two
Maybe you’ll find that soft spot in my heart
Or maybe this when it all falls apart
Just falls apart


Maybe theres something
So pure and true
Maybe it’s something
I won’t recognize from first view

Maybe you’re waiting
For me to say whats on your mind
Oh baby please
I’ve got more than enough tragedy
On this mind


Well maybe I could get to you
Maybe we could start something new
Maybe I could walk across your walls
Or maybe this is all


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